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Mission Statement

Broaden the base of Bipolar Disorders in Europe. 
The IFPB believes that Bipolar Disorders encompass BP I through to V. This means that practice, recognition and diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder needs to be broadened. Clinician education needs to carefully and accurately distinguish between Bipolar conditions and other psychiatric states. The IFPB supports specialist diagnosis and initial care of Bipolar Patients; with primary care playing a maintenance and supportive role in ongoing patient treatment. Long-term management between acute episodes and inter-episodal care is also recommended by the IFPB. This structure minimises societal and budgetary costs by minimising relapses, and optimises patient care and support. This should create the best opportunity for patients to contribute and to improve their well-being.

Raise the public and political awareness about the importance of Bipolar Disorder in Europe. 
The number of Bipolar Disorder sufferers (up to 10%) and the personal cost of Bipolar Disorders have not been fully recognised by the public. The IFPB supports public awareness campaigns and can help members manage or initiate their activities.  To this end, the IFPB is developing a set of Task Force Consensus statements to present to policy makers and influencers at a National and European level in 2014.

Strengthen the standard, availability and uniformity of Bipolar Disorder Treatments in Europe.
The level of Bipolar Treatments in Europe should be improved. Several excellent guideline papers have already appeared. The availability of psychiatry needs to be increased in many European countries where waiting lists are long and only a minority of Bipolar Disorders patients ever see a Psychiatrist. The uniformity should be improved. There are huge differences across Europe in the quality of Bipolar Disorders services. All Europeans, regardless of their geographical location, should receive the Bipolar Disorders services required.

Create and maintain continuing medical education accreditation 
The IFPB has already defined criteria for continuing medical education for its annual meeting and online learning programmes - the International Review of Psychosis & Bipolarity conference - plus provides CME accreditation for meetings that other organizations hold.

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CME Accreditation

IRBD 2013 has been awarded 21 CME accreditation points by the European Bipolar Forum.

Delegates should only award themselves 1 CME accreditation point per 1 hour spent at the conference.


CME Accreditation Services
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