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19 December 2014

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9 January 2015

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13 February 2015

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27 February 2015

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23 March 2015

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Lifetime Achievement Award

Organiser: Prof Eduard Vieta

The International FORUM of Psychosis & Bipolarity (formerly European Bipolar Forum) Lifetime Achievement Award is the emotional high of the Annual Meeting and is awarded only to those researchers who have made a significant contribution to the field over a substantial period of time.

Since its inception, it has represented the pinnacle of achievement for those researching in the field of Bipolar Disorders. 

Recipients of the award are as follows:

The IFPB remains extremely grateful for the contribution that the award winners have given to the study and understanding of Bipolar Disorders.

Prof Eduard Vieta announcing the Lifetime Achievement Award
Prof Eduard Vieta announcing the award


Prof Janusz Rybakowski - IRBD Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 Prof Zoltan Rhimer - IRBD Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 Maria Luisa Figueira  - IRBD Lifetime Achievement Award 2010
Prof Janusz Rybakowski
Winner 2012
Prof Zoltan Rhimer
Winner 2011
Prof Maria Luisa Figueira
Winner 2010


Prof Athanasios Koukopoulos - IRBD Lifetime Achievement Award 2009 Prof Hagop Akiskal - IRBD Lifetime Achievement Award 2008 Dr Fred Goodwin - IRBD Lifetime Achievement Award 2007
Prof Athanasios
Winner 2009
Prof Hagop Akiskal
Winner 2008
Dr Fred Goodwin
Winner 2007


Prof Jules Angst - IRBD Lifetime Achievement Award 2006
Prof Jules Angst
Winner 2006


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CME Accreditation

IRBD 2013 has been awarded 21 CME accreditation points by the European Bipolar Forum.

Delegates should only award themselves 1 CME accreditation point per 1 hour spent at the conference.


CME Accreditation Services
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